Mind Hub

Mind Hub

Website design and development

Mind Hub is a digital platform designed to help people confidentially understand their emotional health and give them access to resources to help them cope with stress, anxiety, and depression.

Thanks to their experience as clinical mental health consultants in the NHS, the founders of Mind Hub were able to identify, that in spite of developments in our understanding of mental health, the use of technology in the space has been under-utilized.

The Goals

Create a master brand and develop brand guidelines and internal brand essence.

Design and develop a digital platform that helps users establish the best course of action to take according to the information they provide.

Design and develop a prototype that supports mental health education and service access.

Deliver a prototype that supports an approach to corporate partners who will pilot and ultimately drive initial revenue through the platform.

Mind Hub

What we delivered

Visual identity and associated fonts and colors for use across all touchpoints.

Brand articulation, a tone of voice, and supporting copy for all branded materials and the digital platform.

A detailed technical scope for the architecture of the digital platform.

A technical wireframe to map the user experience and user journey.

A custom platform with bespoke CMS.

Mind Hub
Mind Hub