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ESPN Images is the corporate photography and video department for ESPN, covering studio, remote and sporting events around the globe. Their library contains over 250,000 photos ranging from 1979 to today.

ESPN Images was in need of a more usable solution to their image library software, not only from a user standpoint, but from an internal administrative standpoint. With multiple internal and external departments utilizing the image library and all needing different access levels and download permission, ESPN Images was looking for a better way to manage them.

The ESPN Images Library was re-designed by cgthings to give administrators a more streamlined content management and approval process while giving site users a responsive front-end solution to browse and manage their image collections from their mobile phone or tablet.

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espn images

To identify all of the ways that was used and create the best user experience – we started with user identification and stories. Each potential “user” of the website was highlighted and detailed “stories” created about how they would use the website. This not only helped identify the steps that the user would take, but it allowed the cgthings team to design the pages and experience to fit their needs.

With user stories developed, our design team got to work with layouts while our development team started to build the database functions. After extensive testing and updates based on that testing – the new library was launched in time for the winter X Games event in Aspen, CO.

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