Brian Vickers

Brian Vickers

Website design and development

Brian Vickers enjoyed a successful career as a Nascar driver and continues to be an active member and supporter of the racing community.

After a series of injuries and illnesses, Brian has tabled his full-time racing career to focus on new pursuits. Using racing as a springboard, he is focusing his efforts across 4 activities; motorsports, business, charitable work, and television.

The Goals

Design a new website that told Brian’s inspiring story and allowed him to relate his experiences in racing to the new challenges ahead of him.

Create a simple but visually appealing website that helped him position himself as an authority in motorsports, business, charitable work, and television.

Create a website that reflected his character by capturing the imagination of those he wishes to work with and those wishing to work with him, whether in motorsports, business, charity or television.

The Result